Thursday, May 5, 2011

Orioles Defeat Royals, Adam Jones' Heads Up Play Saves Birds...

The OriolesThe Orioles on Wednesday snapped a two-game losing skid snapped a two-game losing skid by defeating the Kansas City Royals, 3-2.

Well, they won last night by timely hitting, a good pitching effort by Jake Arrietagood pitching effort by Jake Arrieta and some heads-up thinking by Adam Jones, who might have single-handedly helped the Orioles to victory.

To start, I do want to talk about Adam Jones. Aside from the Baltimore center fielder finally swinging the bat, Jones also showed that he’s also awfully smartJones also showed that he’s also awfully smart. I’d say gutsy as well.

In the eighth inning, the Royals came within a run of tying the game, 3-2. Mike Aviles, with a man on base, hit a well-hit ball into the gap in left field. It looked like Aviles was on his way to tripling and driving the runner on base home; however, the ball got stuck underneath the wall.

Adam Jones, knowing that the ball was embedded beneath the wall, raised up his hands – almost like a police offer commanding you to do so – and made sure the umpires saw him per the ground rules. Well, the second base umpire sure did see what was going on and called the play dead, effectively giving Aviles credit for a ground-rule double, instead of a triple. That would be critical.

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