Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Weekend That Was & Should There Be a Shake-up?

We are now 33 games into the season and after a nice 6-1 start, reality has probably descended upon the team and Birdland.

Over the weekend, as we all know, the Orioles got swept by a Rays team that has now become a juggernaut in the American League. They battered yet another starter, Brad Bergesen, and once again caused the Orioles to rely on their bullpen -- again.

The Orioles did get three runs on the board; however, the offense once again sputtered. So with a pitching staff now operating under a very low margin for error, once the Rays built up a good lead - in thise case only two runs - the Orioles were done.

Right now, the Orioles have a severe problem with driving in runners in scoring position. That is killing them more than anything. They left nine on base on Sunday, and were 1-for-6 with men in scoring position. That's not cutting it.

Furthermore, the Orioles got five walks and could not do much with them. When the series against the Mariners kick off today, there might be a lineup shake-up considering how lackluster the offense is right now.

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