Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The New Uniform Changes & Branding

I’m coming back to a topic I wrote about before Thanksgiving: the new jerseys.

However, this time I’m adding a critique: the branding of the team with beloved, popular cartoon bird logo.

Overall, I like what they have done and all the jerseys include an additional patch celebrating the 20th birthday of Camden Yards.

Not that there was anything wrong with the old jerseys, but I like the updates – it’s a nice touch. I’m glad it’s nothing radical like with what was done with the Marlins jerseys – ugh.

Plus, some the changes harks back to some nostalgia -- which is badly needed considering the state of the team right now. It’s nice to look at those old bird caps and think of the winning teams of the past.

The uniform changes were -- except for the caps -- were not too radical, and I don't think anyone should be really all that upset with was done.

I love the two new/old caps, as I have always worn the cartoon bird ones for the last decade. Like many fans, I've had an affinity for the caps -- especially the ones worn in the late 1960's - into the 70's. The more I’ve watched the team on TV and online, I prefer the black and orange cap with the cartoon bird (the one they wear at home), rather than what’s worn at home.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me. I think the caps they wear on the road mesh a lot better with the white home jerseys. Really, I do think you’ll see more fans wear the road caps rather than the home one.

I love the logo on the caps; however, I don’t know if they should have used the cartoon bird in the branding. It’s all over the city, the website, on the season tickets I got and more.

I don’t know, why I don’t think of the smiling bird as um, intimidating. It was good last century; however, not so much now.

It’s cute and family friendly, but I do need to see it everywhere? I actually would have preferred to see the former bird logo than the new one.

Honestly, I never wore the recent caps as much, except the one with "O's" emblem that the team wears on Friday nights.

Of course, as much I appreciate the uniform changes -- I'd like to see a serious upgrade with the team as well.

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