Thursday, March 22, 2012

Forbes Magazine and the Business of Baseball

According to Forbes Magazine, the Baltimore Orioles are worth $460 billion, and the value of franchise has increased 12% since 2011. As well, Forbes reported that the Orioles made $179 in terms of revenue, and $12.9 million of operating income.

Of course, no one can say this is all true or not since teams do not open up their books; however, the estimates by Forbes Magazine is a pretty good barometer as to how much the Orioles and other teams are worth.

The most valuable teams right now are New York Yankess at $1.85 billion, the Los Angeles Dodgers at $1.4 billion, the Boston Red Sox at $1 billion, the Chicago Cubs at $879 million and the Philadelphia Phillies at $723 million.

The Baltimore Orioles rank 19th on the list of most valuable franchises.

Hopefully for the people who run these teams, they took their IRS exams and income tax course.

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