Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Los Angeles Dodgers are sold to Magic Johnson, Stan Kasten & Friends for a Ton of Money...

I’ll comment on the Orioles later in a few posts, however, I did want to mention what happened on the left coast night with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Well, it looks like a consortium of a bunch of well-do-people led by Magic Johnson – who we all know played for the Los Angeles Lakers back in the day - and longtime baseball executive Stan Kasten came to an agreement to purchase the Los Angeles Dodgers.

For TWO BILLION dollars. I cannot wrap that around my head. I'm sure a lot of it is built into an impending TV deal plus the history of the franchise.

I mean, the Powerball jackpot is supposed to come close to $500 million, but who has TWO BILLION to spend like that? Wow.

It’s good for Dodgers fans to finally be rid of Frank McCourt and family, because frankly they f**ked that team up. Geez, and people say that O's fans have it bad with Peter Angelos...

I will say, Frank McCourt is a real man of genius. He bought a storied franchise, had some success at first, drove into the ground, siphoned off money to live an opulent lifestyle, and now can profit greatly from the sale -- up to a BILLION dollars?

I’ve been a Magic Johnson fan since childhood and I’ll be intrigued what he does – along with Stan Kasten with that franchose. I’m sure some other wealthy people fronted the money to purchase the team, but Magic is the figure-head, and Kasten will run the show.
It will be interesting to see if the Dodgers become the Yankees west, or still stick with their ‘value-added signings?

I will say … if I owned the Yankees – or any team in baseball - I’d be very, very happy with the developments from the West Coast.

I mean, if the Dodgers are worth two billion, how much are the New York Yankees worth with their stadium, TV, radio money, and everything else included?

What about the Boston Red Sox?

The Chicago Cubs?

The Philadelphia Phillies?

I guess there’s not truly a concern about the economy after all in baseball – unlike in the rest of the country.

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Baltimore Orioles Fan said...

WOW !!! 2 BILLION !!! Good luck to them trying to make that back.

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