Monday, March 26, 2012

House by the park

Contribution by Kennith Griffin

My brother and sister-in-law live in a house that is right beside our community park. They can just walk across the street from their neighborhood, and they have all that the park has to offer right in front of them.

There is the playground where their children can play on all the equipment. There is a mile long walking trail that circles around the park. Their older son plays Little League Baseball there too. And as they get older, the children will be able to walk over by themselves and go to the pool in the summer.

My sister-in-law said that she had seen a couple strangers hanging around the park recently. The police was notified, and they ended up arresting them for breaking in to someone’s house that lived nearby.

That terrified my sister-in-law so bad that she decided that they needed to go to, and order a system for their house.

She said that someone could be watching them when they walked across the street to the park and break in while they were gone.

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