Sunday, March 4, 2012

Luke Scott Revisited, Annoys Red Sox Nation

Ah, I cannot remember any local athlete who people loved and scorned at the same time than Luke Scott.

Yes, Scott often shot off his mouth when it came to controversial topics, politics, his rights as a gun-toting American, as well as the President of United States; however, he always was a fascinating character. In addition, when he was not streaky, he could hit the ball a long way.

However, as much as I criticized Scott over the years for his silly statements, he came off as a hard-working guy, who many people appreciated. In fact, once you looked past his controversial statements, you almost came off appreciating Scott for who he was.

I met him a few times, and was always gracious, candid, plus appreciated his life as a major-league ballplayer.

Now, he has shot off his mouth again, but this time at the Boston Red Sox -- specifically, their fans. Scott wanted to share his feelings on the legendary final night of the 2011 season, and in vintage style ... it was done.

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