Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Expanded Playoffs: Not Such a Good Idea..

We all should have expected this...

From Sports Illustrated: MLB commissioner Bud Selig announced in November that the league would like to expand from two to four wild card berths. At the time, he said the changes would be instituted by 2013, but that he hoped they could be put into place by 2012.

As it currently stands, the winner of each of the league’s three divisions, plus one wild card in each league, form to make an eight team playoff system. Under the current system, the only penalty for claiming the wild card as opposed to the divisional title is that the wild card team is forced to play the opponent within their league with the best record in the opening round of the playoffs.

Under the new proposed system the two wild card teams from each league will face each other in a one or three game series before the rest of the post season begins.

Well, I appreciate the drama of last season's final day and I'm sure this new decision about the playoffs will be good for business, the gates at ballparks, plus TV ratings. It seemed that Major League Baseball -- um, Bud Selig -- was going to pull out all the stops and make sure this all happened.

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