Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Pitching

As it is every year, to win, you need to have pitching. I am not sure the Orioles have an abundance of it right now -- at least arms that are very good. In fact, I don’t know what to think. One question I have on my mind is this: who in the world starts on Opening Day?

If I were a betting man, it would be Tommy Hunter; however, he's been dealing with some issues, but seems to be working down in Sarasota. Perhaps it might be Jake Arrieta, who saw some action during Opening Day last year.

There are a lot of pitchers who are in Sarasota right now. Like every year, you’ve got to wonder what will happen in the season ahead with the pitchers on in camp. So far, the pitching has been somewhat decent, but as we all, Spring Training results don't necessarily translate into the regular season.

It's not that any of the Oriole pitchers will win one of the baseball awards or trophies, awards, plaques and medals of the like for their effort, like the Cy Young; however, let's hope the youngsters and the veterans do better in 2012 than they have done previously.

Last year, the young arms faltered and once that happened, the Orioles were doomed. Depending on pitchers who lack major league experience is risky; however, when the vast majority of them suffer, the results are disastrous.

Jake Arrieta was hurt, but had his own issues; Brian Matusz – well, we all know what went on; Zach Britton had his ups and downs, Brad Bergesen was just bad & Chris Tillman could not pitch with any consistency. As well, Hunter started off a bit shaky, but steadily improved towards the end of the season. However, so far, Arrieta is healthy, Matusz looks reborn, Tillman had a good outing this weekend; meanwhile, Britton and Hunter are working their way back from their ailments.

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