Friday, February 16, 2007

The Biggest Mercenary in Sports at it Again ... A 20% Chance At Playing?

Ok, Roger Clemens. You need to really stop the bulls**t.

One of my guilty pleasures during the day, the Babes Love Baseball blog run by Sooze and Lizzy alerted me about this recent development from this self-centered mercenary.

I’m all for capitalism. I’m not up for complete spin and the incessant need to whore yourself in front of the media & pretend you’re not going to play or lie, or fool us, while you have done so for the past THREE years!

This is what the windbag said today:

"Koby [his son] asked me last night when we were working out, he was doing more of a workout than I was," Clemens, 44, told Houston television station KRIV-TV in an interview on Thursday.

"I still told him 80-20 that I wasn't going to play.

"We get little notes at my foundation about people saying they wish I would make up my mind and decide because I am leaving people hanging. I'm not leaving anybody hanging.

"I don't want to play," added Clemens.


"The teams that are involved, I think they've got really good clubs that are together, and if somebody stubs their toe and my phone rings in May, I might have to think about it," Clemens told KRIV.

Translation: Um, in June, I'll check the standings, get clearance from the wife, and see which team has the best chance of getting me another ring. Plus the 3-4 million per month does not hurt...

If you want to enlighten yourself, you can see the clip here:

1 comment:

ian said...

He's just jealous of Dice-K because usually Clemens is being talked about during spring training

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