Thursday, February 22, 2007

This and That: Site News and Around the Blogosphere...

This and That:

I am going to expand the blog, and will make the Oriole Post a full fledged website with video and also pictures of my trips around the country.

As well, I’m going to start up a live radio show in the next few weeks and I am planning for the first episode in the next two weeks. I’m debating whether I want a half hour or one hour show, but it will be done live and then available for a podcast. I got presented with the opportunity and I’m going to take advantage of it.

At the moment, I am in the beginning stages of planning and the format.

I’ll probably have a co-host(s) as well get news and bits from some baseball experts, along with some bloggers and maybe if I’m lucky, sound bits, interviews and opinions from a player or two.

If anyone would be interested in the opportunity, please let me know by emailing me at

From Around the Blogosphere:

Erstwhile Baltimore Sun Writer and blogger, Roch Kubatko updated his blog this morning and gives us updates from the morning workout, plus a little about the mashers on the team.

The Baltimore Sun has great Q&A’s from Jamie Walker, Adam Stern, & John Parrish.

Another outfit I write for, has a great article about blogging, the digital media and sports. Also, read Rob from Random Reality Thoughts and his take on blogging and sports marketing.

The Church of Baseball took a road trip to NYC, so give the site a visit & look at some cool pictures and a great write up.

Yankees Chick takes a look at the drama from the Bronx Zoo, temporarily in the Tampa area.

* Anyhow, if anyone wants to let me know about their site, or anything worth taking a look at, email me at!


Jason McAdams said...

The radio gig sounds like a great opportunity. Would love to get involved in some way. I had thought about doing an AL East podcast, where I would get bloggers from each team to discuss the weeks happenings.

Good luck with this venture and if you want me to become involved in anyway, let me know.

I gave you a hat tip for the MASN article also.

Later Anthony


YankeesChick said...

thanks for the "shout-out" (yes, its 1994)!

The radio idea sounds great! Can't wait to hear it. If you need a chick, you know where to find me...

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