Saturday, February 24, 2007

You Have Got to Be Kidding Me: Idol Camp?

This is crazy!

Sorry, I am going to step away from baseball for a second. Ok, we know American Idol has added a lot of music, content and contributions to the American lexicon, but now there’s a camp for it?

The same people that brought us Kelly, Ruben, Clay, Bo, Daughtry, Carrie and Taylor want teens 12 to 15 to spend $2900 at a swanky camp for singing, acting, dancing lessons, and more.

This is crazy! Fox is trying to bilk people for money so they can live out a dream, however, unrealistic?



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Oriole Magic! said...

Dude, sometimes you've got to take a break from baseball coverage, just to remind us that the world outside of sports is stupid.


Now we can all peacefully go back into our sheltered sports fan world and live in peace, without having to worry about Idol Camp.

At least the equivalent to this in our circles is Little League, where the kids learn stuff about teamwork and fair play.

Mini Me said...

What a joke.

ian said...

i agree. it is nice to step out of the sports world once in a while.

that is friggin insane. go to idol camp so that when you get on stage, you can be belittled by Simon.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Yeah, this is crazy. I mean, they are expanding the brand name into camps - i.e. - make money, but realistically, you have a much better chance at stalking some radio exec & enticing them to listen to you sing than winning a contract via Idol.

I'm all about stepping out of the sports world, btw - :)

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Mike, Sometimes the sheltered sports world can just be as f***ed up as the real world, *sigh*

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