Sunday, April 29, 2007

Beltway Baseball: The New Weekly Podcast About the Orioles and Nationals!!

Beltway Baseball is a new weekly show on that looks at the Major League Baseball in the Baltimore-Washington area focusing on the Orioles and the Nationals.

I, and James from the Baltimore Flock will break down the past week, comment and analyze the two teams.

Look for a weekly podcast on Sundays, and in the upcoming weeks we’ll have a live radio show where you can call us, IM us or email your comments or questions.

Expect plenty of talk on the O’s and Nats!

This week, in our inaugural show, we did a comprehensive recap of the season for both the Orioles and Nationals so far.

Length: 87 minutes

Topics Covered:

First Half:

- The Season So Far, (the winning streaks and losses)
- The Bullpen (the early success and latest struggles)
- The Offense
- The young pitching, Leo Mazzone
- Sagging Attendance & Perception of the team in B'more fans eyes..

Second Half:

- Reflections of the Season so far...
- The Lerner Group & Stan Kasten
- Expectations of the team...
- Ryan Zimmerman
- The New Ballpark & Sagging Attendance

Go the Podcast Now...

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