Friday, April 20, 2007

Live from the Game: The Third Inning...

Well, Daniel got hit hard in the second inning. he gave up two runs and hit a batter, Jason Smith.

We are in the third inning, and so far Daniel has 2 K's. In the short time that the game has gone, his adversary, A.J. Burnett has looked decent so far.


* Kevin Millar during his 1-5 Segment that airs in between innings, interviewed Paul Bako (who played for the Royals in '06) and asked him, "what is it like playing for a team that's not mathematically eliminated by March 17th?"

I thought that was funny...

More pictures later. I might not upload stuff until after the game, however, as I am down to my last 20% on my battery life on the laptop.

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