Friday, April 27, 2007

Quick Hits - Fast O's News & the Rundown, the Aftermath of Thorne's Comments...

Sorry about the lateness of the roundup post from last night. I’m not going to into the game summary, well, because we know what happened last night.

The Orioles lost 5-2 to the Red Sox last night.

We were up 2-1 in the 8th, and Willy Mo Pena came up.

Willy Mo, who could not even hit his own weight as of last night, had two hits including a monster grand slam homer than went 430 feet to put the nail in the coffin for the Orioles last night in the 8th inning.

Of course, Chris Ray served up the Grand Slam (his second given up of the year) and took the loss.

Adam Loewen did fine, as he pitched nearly 6 innings and gave up a run but he once again was inconsistent and walked five guys – just something you cannot do period, especially against the Red Sox.

At this point, the offense is flat and needs to wake up.

The good news is Ramon Hernandez is back, and he had 2 hits last night; however, Alberto Castillo was designated for assignment.

Next, we have the Indians in Cleveland, and they are no push-overs, as they are on top of the AL Central. Right now, the Orioles offense needs to get in gear and the bullpen needs to right the ship, as the Indians have very few easy outs in their lineup.

We had a rough week, so let’s look ahead.


Roch Kubatko of the Baltimore Sun has a recap of last night’s game, and as well has his thoughts of the team on his blog, Roch Around the Clock.

Jeff Zrebiec has more on Ramon’s return to the Baltimore Orioles lineup as does Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post.

Heathir Irvin of Oriole Magic has a preview of the series with the Cleveland Indians.


I was in meeting yesterday from mid-morning to late afternoon on Thursday and I posted on Throne’s comments early that morning – well, it was crazy how much the story blew up .

I feel bad for Gary Throne and I’m sure it was an embarrassment to have attention brought onto him for a comment you made during a slow point of the game; however, he was a little silly in saying what he did.

Throne, a long-time commentator should have known the significance of the 'bloody sock' to Sox fans.

Hopefully, this story has run it’s course and everyone can move on…

Yesterday, Gary Throne was accosted by the media, local and national, and it was a circus right before the Red Sox batting practice as there was an impromptu press conference held on the field.

Rick Maese of the Baltimore Sun has more on Gary Throne, so does Spencer Fordin of the Orioles and the Washington Post.

Sigh – I really like Curt Schilling’s openness, but he’s now gone a little too far with this story. You have to check out his blog, 38 Pitches for his latest stunt. We could forgive and forget, but this story is just, wow – wild.

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