Saturday, April 14, 2007

Cal Ripken Book Signing and Meeting the Man (For the Third Time)

I just got done attending a book signing with Cal Ripken Jr., Oriole legend and Future Hall of Famer. Anyhow, I got a snapshot with him, and also got him to sign my book.

The meeting was quick, real quick. I met him, shook his hand, he signed my book, he and I posed for a shot, and that was it.

All in about 20 seconds.

Anyhow, I waited in a line a little less than 4 hours to get the book signed and met various people throughout, plus quite a few people who I have met at Camden Yards.

I was the 36th person in line, and I'd venture to say that are probably close to 700-800 people waiting outside of Border's Books and Music.

Pictures of the Crowd:

The Book Itself:


Sooze said...

Awesome, Anthony! Just think, some day Cal won't be around and the generations of Orioles fans to come won't ever get the chance you've had. I think this is the first pic I've ever seen of you, too!

Jason McAdams said...

Man, that is downright awesome. Cal seems like such a good guy. Wish i could've been there.

Way to go buddy!

ian said...

20 seconds of meeting Cal Ripken is well worth it. I wish I were you today having the chance to meet him.

The Lady said...

Ripkin sure doesn't give the impression that the whole exchange was only 20 seconds. He looks relaxed and ready to hang out with you!

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