Monday, April 9, 2007

Quick Hits: Early O's News and the Rundown...


After the devastating loss on Saturday afternoon to the New York Yankees thanks to Alex Rodriguez’s walk-off (when I was growing up, it was *game-winning*) grand slam home run, the Orioles on Sunday came back and beat the ‘Evil Empire’, 6-4.

The ace for the Birds, Erik Bedard pitched will, throwing seven innings of quality baseball, where he gave up three runs. Bedard had a shaky first inning, but afterwards he didn’t give up another run and showed why he is one the best southpaws in the game.

However, the 8th inning was full of high drama as Jamie Walker gave up a huge triple to Johnny Damon, and a run scored, but John Parrish came in and averted disaster.

Chris Ray came in for his second save of the year, and was able to put what happened Saturday behind him.

Kevin Millar hit a 2 run homer and also drove in another run, as well Paul Bako hit a 3-run homer to help the cause for the Orioles. Nick Markakis remains hot as he got three hits yesterday.

Before I post links to other articles, today is Opening Day for the Orioles at the Yard and hopefully Baltimore will be decked out in Black and Orange as we all root for the Birds. However, we all know that the team has mired with a streak of nine consecutive losing seasons, and Examiner writer Michael Olesker in a piece called, “Finding A Connection with the O’s Flock”, reports on the current and it’s roster makeup. Basically, the author notes the Orioles may not win a pennant this year, but there a lot of young guys coming up in the organization who we can latch onto and make them part of the city, much like Cal, Brooks and Frank were…

Here’s a recap of the game from Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun and the website.

Baltimore Sun writer, Peter Schmuck feels that the victory yesterday by the Orioles will help the mood for Opening Day at Camden Yards. Meanwhile, the Examiner reports that the Orioles are happy to be home from a difficult road trip.

Ramon Hernandez has been sent to the DL, and Kurt Birkins has been called up from Norfolk.

In his second year on the club, Leo Mazzone and his pitching staff are in snyc, reports Jeff Zrebiec.

Fifteen years after Camden Yards opened, it is the still the model that all ballparks are judged upon, and until recently copied by cities wanting retro-ball parks. Sun writers Childs Walker and Bill Ordine illustrate this point well in the article, “The Perfect Diamond”.

There was an op-ed piece in the Sun this weekend by Raymond Daniel Burke called “O’s Losses Take Heavy Toll On City”, he articulates that the Orioles’ lack of success on the field and the gate has hurt many, most notable businesses that rely on the traffic going to and from games.

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Oriole Magic! said...

I still don't understand how Bako hit a home run. I half expect to wake up any minute now and find that A Rod is just about to bat on Saturday.

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