Thursday, April 26, 2007

Quick Hits - Fast O's News & the Rundown & Condensed Video

Well, last night the Orioles lost to the Boston Red Sox 6-1 at the Yard. For the first seven innings, a real competitive game took place as Daniel Cabrera was on the hill for the Orioles and Curt ‘38 Pitches’ Schilling.

Cabrera pitched well, as he struck out 5, but also walked 5 and went 6 2/3 innings. His only run was given up to Alex Cora, of all hitters.

However, Schilling pitched 7 innings, walked two and struck out 3.

The turning point in the game came when Daniel Cabrera was yanked after walking a batter to load the bases in the top of the seventh inning. Jamie Walker, the main left-handed specialist in the bullpen faced the ever-tough David Ortiz in a classic pitcher vs-batter battle, and Ortiz kept fouling pitch after pitch off.

The count got to three balls and two strikes, so with the shift on for Ortiz, he went the other way and dumped the ball into left field, driving in a run and making the score 2-1.

Walker was yanked from the game thereafter.

Afterwards, Manny Ramirez drove in another run off Chad Bradford who came in relief of Walker, and the score became 3-1. Bradford, who has been nothing but effective this year, walked two straight batters, including walking in a run and made it 4-1 in favor of the Red Sox.

Thereafter, call-up James Johnson pitched the ninth inning and gave up 2 runs, thus racking up the score to 6-1.

For perhaps the first time season, the bullpen did not keep the Orioles in the game.

The O’s offense was dead last night, with the exception of Miguel Tejada’s second homer.

Hopefully we can come back and hit pay-dirt against Josh Beckett, no easy customer.

Before I go into the news, a special thanks needs to be given to Tony Pente of Orioles Hangout for setting up a game where fans and forum members of the site could meet, congregate and root for the Orioles. I almost never sit in the upper deck, but it was cool to meet up with other fervent O’s fans, especially in a place that was surrounded by Red Sox fans!

The site is offering “Take Back the Yard” nights with games specifically earmarked for the Yankees and Red Sox, plus one game with the Cleveland Indians (details are on the site).

So, I missed the first 6 innings due to work & the radio show; however, it was very cool to hang with some real Orioles fans that evoke a passion not seen in the Yard these days! I met some wonderful people, had great conversation and put names with faces.

If you don’t check out Orioles Hangout – do so, it’s the premier site for Orioles fans.


Baltimore Sun writer Roch Kubatko has a recap of the game and as well thoughts on his blog, Roch Around the Clock.

As well, Spencer Fordin has a recap of last night’s game.

Mevin Mora sat out last night, and the reason given was his numbers against Schilling, not so much his poor week so far. As well, Jay Gibbons sat out last night too

On that note, The Baltimore Examiner reports that Jaret Wright may be ready to go on Sunday.

Baltimore Sun writer Rick Maese thinks the Orioles’ nucleus of Roberts, Mora and Tejada are looking unstable. Personally, all three have not looked too great and have made quite a few lapses this week; however, I guess this stuff happens in the course of a 162 game season. At this point, the trio needs to get things in order quick as much of the team’s success goes through them.

The Sun has a question for Brian Roberts, this time about what his favorite activity in Baltimore is…

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