Friday, January 2, 2009

Brian Roberts to the White Sox? (From MASN Sports)

MASN's Roch Kubatko had this tidbit on Brian Roberts on his blog, and it could be of great importance assuming there's any truth to the posting.

From MASN Sports: Brian Roberts always seems to be linked to the Chicago Cubs in trade rumors, but White Sox general manager Kenny Williams loves the guy and is trying to acquire him.

The two sides have discussed former Mount St. Joe pitcher Gavin Floyd as a starting point in trade talks. The Orioles might need more, though the White Sox would want it to be straight-up, since they'd be surrendering a 17-game winner.

At least Orioles president Andy MacPhail could say he brought a local kid home. It's just not Mark Teixeira.

Anyway, that's the buzz.
As much as I hate advocating this, I say if we could get another prospect or two to sweeten the deal -- do it. Roberts may or may not sign an extension with Baltimore, and this point, he'll more than likely be well into his mid-30's before the team reaches contention.

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Anonymous said...

Another prospect or two to sweeten the deal? That is ridiculous! Gavin Floyd for Brian Roberts is a great deal for the Orioles. Sweeten the deal is way to one-sided for the Orioles. Floyd is much more valuable than Roberts so it would be STUPID for the White Sox to throw in a prospect. Keep Roberts if you ask for more than Floyd!

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Anon, I think Floyd for Roberts straight up as is would be fair; however, Floyd has only had one good season, and only won eight games combined in parts of four years before 2008. That's partly why I advocated for another prospect.

Jack said...

I think it is totally fair like I said before. The Orioles would get a 25 year old pitcher who is under contract for another 5 years and the Sox would get a 2nd basemen whose contract is up at the end of the season. That is fair enough.

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