Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sherrill & Olson

It looks like the Orioles and George Sherrill are headed for a showdown -- in an arbitrator's office -- perhaps sometime next month, unless a deal can be worked out. As it is, from what I know, the arbitration process is no fun as both sides argue for money -- the Orioles want to pay him X amount, while Sherrill wants Y amount.

Basically, Baltimore will counter that Sherrill is not what he thinks he's worth, while number 52 will contend why he should get a raise.

Usually, the amount the player gets is somewhere between the lowest figure (the team) and the highest figure (the player). The Orioles have been successful aruging arbitration cases, and usually there's hurt feelings, but everyone tries to be professional and move on. As much fun as baseball is, it's a huge business -- and sometimes a very cruel one.

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