Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Deal for Roberts to White Sox a No Go?

Well, perhaps the talk of Brian Roberts going to the Chicago White Sox may have been overblown. Here's the latest from Baltimore Sun columnist Peter Schmuck...

From the Baltimore Sun: Sounds like the Orioles won't be sending Brian Roberts to the White Sox for pitcher Gavin Floyd anytime soon, though that rumor seems to have more legs than the Rockettes. White Sox general manager Ken Williams made a statement yesterday through a spokesman that he hasn't talked to anyone from the Orioles about anything since November.

Though many O's fans think that Floyd would not represent fair value for BRob, the White Sox apparently feel that a 17-game winner with several years left under reserve is a pretty valuable commodity.

If they didn't, you'd think Williams would use the trade rumor as a pretext for contacting the Orioles to bat the idea around, since Roberts would be a nice fit in the White Sox lineup. Don't hear much about this coming from the warehouse either, but -- to be fair -- you'd be hearing even less if something was going on.
I guess when it come to Brian Roberts and the offseason, you have no idea what to expect. Right now, we have no idea about the talks of an extension with the second baseman; however, from my time in the business world, no news is bad news.

Who knows what's going on, but I do think Roberts is dealt -- whether it is before spring training or during the trade deadline in the summer -- unless a deal can be made with Baltimore.

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