Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pittsburgh Mayor to Change Last Name (Temporarily) In Anticipation Of The Steelers-Ravens Game

From the you can't believe it file...

Baltimore Sun: Mayor Ravenstahl issued a proclamation temporarily changing his name after he was taken to task by a local radio station for having Raven in it. I think Pittsburgh should just consider itself lucky that its mayor doesn't have more important personal issues to worry about.

Haven't heard what the two mayors are going to have a wager on Sunday's game, so all I can do is speculate. If the Ravens win, Ravenstahl would probably send some of those weird sandwiches with the french fries in them. If the Steelers win, I'm guessing we'll just give him something from Best Buy.

Should be a good game. Funny, how crazy people get about their sports, eh? All in good fun though and the best of luck to both teams. I'll have my predictions for this weekend's game maybe Thursday.

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