Monday, January 19, 2009

Pie & The Pitching

Now that the football season is over in Baltimore, I guess it is now time to turn our collective attention to the Orioles. In my opinion, so far, the organization has done a fairly modest job in improving the team.

For the most part, there are rave reviews about the Pie-Olson trade. While you always hate to trade pitching for a hitter, Pie just has way too much potential to just not make this move for Olson.

The Cubs may have put too much of a burden on Pie -- that organization is not a place for on-the-job training -- and he may for once get all the opportunities in the world to play in Baltimore. More likely than not, I see him starting. I think the O's are just going to let him go out there (ala Adam Jones) and hope his minor league numbers can translate in the majors. I see Luke Scott as the designated hitter, and Aubrey Huff playing at first. I think the Orioles are taking the baby steps to rebuild -- as in becoming younger and tad more athletic, and these are things you have to do to create a system.

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