Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ravens Head To The AFC Championship; Defeat The Titans, 13-10

Let's give a shout-out to the Baltimore Ravens who defeated the tough Tennessee Titans, 13-10, in narrow victory which was decided in the last minutes of the fourth quarter.

They will either face Pittsburgh or San Diego (resulting from what happens on Sunday) next weekend for the AFC Championship.

I'm sure Charm City will be abuzz for the next week or so. Although I'm more of a Redskins fan, I have been following the Ravens all season fairly close.

What they have accomplished this season with freshman QB Joe Flacco, a new coach, John Harbaugh and less than-enthusiastic expectations to start the season is nothing short of amazing.

As my bud Pug would say, "RAAAAVVVVEEENNNNS Football!"

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Anonymous said...

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ET said...

This was a very controlled effort by the Ravens today and I was very impressed.
They do look like the team to beat although it was a tough battle today with some injuries.

Be interesting to see if they can go all the way..

see ya
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