Monday, January 26, 2009

The New Economy Hits WBAL

I live down further near Washington, so I listen to WBAL on the radio perhaps maybe a handful of times here and there while driving on I-95. Today, it looks like the economic downturn has hit the station as Steve Davis -- the host of "Sportsline" -- has been laid off. From what I know, some hated him, some appreciated him; however, it's disheartening to her yet another voice in the market disappear.

I'm assuming with some sponsors not buying ad-time, or revenues not being as high as they used to be, eventually someone would have to be on the chopping block from WBAL to maintain profitability.

Too bad.

From BAL Radio Cuts Steve Davis - 1/26 - Ray Frager at tells us that WBAL radio's sports talk host, Steve Davis, was laid off today. "We done some realigning because of the economy," WBAL VP and Station Manager Jeff Beauchamp said. "This was an economic move" unrelated to Davis' performance. For the time being, Baltimore Sun columnist Peter Schmuck will fill some of the talk hours in the evening, Beauchamp said...

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