Saturday, April 7, 2007

For the Idiot File: Don Imus

In America, the freedom of speech is a great thing; however, it could also be used for harm and this time it was.

Inflammatory talk show host Don Imus decided to cross the line and basically just degrade and stereotype the Rutgers University Scarlet Knights women’s basketball team, as they lost to the Tennessee Volunteers in the NCAA Women’s Championship.

On his show, Imus was commenting on the game and decided to opine on the Rutgers team.

Radio host Don Imus apologized Friday for calling the Rutgers University women’s basketball team “nappy headed hos” on his nationally syndicated program.

The National Association of Black Journalists demanded his immediate firing after the man known as “Imus in the Morning” put his foot deep in his mouth Wednesday. Imus questioned the players’ looks, describing them as tattooed “rough girls.” His producer compared the team — which has eight black members — to the NBA’s Toronto Raptors.

Near the start of Friday’s show, Imus said he wanted to “apologize for an insensitive and ill-conceived remark we made the other morning referring to the Rutgers women’s basketball team.”

His comments:

“That’s some rough girls from Rutgers,” Imus said. “Man, they got tattoos ...”

“Some hardcore hos,” said McGurk.

“That’s some nappy headed hos there, I’m going to tell you that,” Imus said.


Look Don, I don’t know where you were coming from, but um, you are racist. Plain and simple.

Naturally, he issued a quick apology.

Obviously, people are not happy. NABJ President Bryan Monroe asked Thursday if Imus had “lost his mind” and called for the veteran radio host’s dismissal.

In a joint statement, NCAA President Myles Brand and Rutgers President Richard McCormick condemned Imus’ slur.

“The NCAA and Rutgers University are offended by the insults on MSNBC’s Don Imus program toward the 10 young women on the Rutgers basketball team,” their statement read. “It is unconscionable that anyone would use the airways to utter such disregard for the dignity of human beings who have accomplished much and deserve great credit.”


Rutgers coach C. Vivian Stringer said in a statement, "I am deeply saddened and angered by Mr. Imus' statements regarding the members of the Rutgers women's basketball team. These talented, articulate young women put forth a great deal of hard work and effort this past season to reach the nation's grandest stage — the NCAA title game.

Throughout the year, these gifted young ladies set an example for the nation that through hard work and perseverance, you can accomplish anything if you believe. Without a doubt, this past season was my most rewarding in 36 years of coaching. This young team fought through immeasurable odds to reach the highest pinnacle and play for the school's first national championship in a major sport.

To serve as a joke of Mr. Imus in such an insensitive manner creates a wedge and makes light of the efforts of these classy individuals, both as women and as women of color. It is unfortunate Mr. Imus sought to tarnish Rutgers' spirit and success. Should we not, as adults, send a message of encouragement to young people to aspire to the highest levels as my team did this season?"


Apology - whatever.

Mr. Imus, I used to listen to you. Not anymore. I don’t care if you get fired, but you have exposed yourself what you are.

Losing the NCAA championship was one thing for Rutgers, dealing with this complete jackass is another.


Anonymous said...

Imus is just another prime example of why other people in this world hate Americans.... His kind of people should be the one's over in the Middle East fighting the Ragheads...Why waste time talking about this asshole... lets talk ORIOLES Baseball !!!!

The Lady said...

The apology's supposed to make everything right? I don't think so. People like Imus think they can say whatever they want, as long as they issue "a formal apology."

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Anon - we'll resume talking about O's baseball in a bit :)

Sometimes you have to step out...

Lady - Sadly, all these celebs don't apologize because they are sorry and find 'God', but because they got caught and they need their careers and nice paychecks.

Isiah, Mel, Michael Richards, et. all, do it save face and because they were exposed for who they are.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Yeah, Lady! The O's 'pen looked good, and will serve us well, granted the pitching makes it into the later innings...

I don't think I'll be going up there -- way, way, too cold for my comfort.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you go after black television or radio personalities like Bryant Gumball for all of his racist taunts on and off of television. Is it ok for blacks in television, radio, and in the music industry to call white people crackers, honkeys, white trash to mention a few? Where is the outrage and comments from all of you when people of color blurt these obsenities. This blog is just another poorly produced hipcritical rag, supported by mindless foot soldiers for the liberal party, lacking critical rational judgement, who now want to be reffered to as progressives, which is nothing more then a advertising change in their slogan. Nothing has changed.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Anon - thanks for the post. Well, considering you didn't sign with a real name or associate yourself with a website, I'm going to take what you said with a grain of salt.

Well, I call out people who I think engage in idiotic and deplorable behavior, and I have no problem calling out anyone. I have called out white people and minorities if you look deep enough, so no one is immune from stupidity.

What you see in this blog, is produced myself, and I post what I feel is right.

This is not a liberal blog, this is my personal space in which I rant about the Orioles, sports and on occasion whatever comes into my mind. Sometimes, I put myself out there for the world to see, but if I bring up a discussion, than so be it.

Personally, I think your post is little outrageous accusing me of such things, considering you couldn't even give me your name.

I think my judgment and the way i expressed myself on this issue with Imus is rational.

Don Imus is a high profile person who opened his mouth and exposed himself for who he really is.

Anonymous said...

you people are idiots!
let's find some real issues to "be hurt and angered about" -- we are mired in a no-win war....a fool for a President......children with diseases, hungry etc and you sound off about an old dude shooting a jab a bunch of young women playing b-ball......wake the &^(^( up!!!!

Prof in Chicago said...

As a former coach and current teacher of young people. I can honestly say he is a good man with good intentions. Is he funny yes why cause its sarcasm and its funny. Did he go over the top and make a bad remark yes he did and he is sorry for it. I would like to meet a person who has not made a bad comment in their life to please stand up and tell us your secret to perfection.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Anon - I am very well awake, & other issues in the world, there was a big problem with what Imus said.

The issue at hand is that you have a prominent talk radio show host who decided to purport old stereotypes about black women to describe the Rutgers BBall team.

He could have criticized their play or not have like the team for some season, but he crossed into the personal and his words had to come from somewhere...

These were just young women playing a basketball game.

The sad part of it is, many, many feel that way, but he brought it out in the open...

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Prof in Chi-Town: Thanks for your post.

I might be more sensitive to this topic since I am an African-American. I know Imus has done a lot of charity work for others, but what came out of his mouth was irresponsible, whether he was trying to be funny or not.

Does he deserve another chance? Maybe.

In my eyes, his thoughts just didn't come out of nowhere, and is a thought of black women held by some in this country today.

Satire, sarcasm and being funny is great, but it depends what context you are using it in.

We all have done said and done stupid things, but when such things are construed as racist in the public domain, you just can't have it go away.

I figured Imus would have known better considering his experience & profile to say such things.

Anonymous said...

WTF is right,,, as far as encouraging the young that anything is possible, well, they aren't exactly 9 or 10 years old,,, as college age women playing a sport popularized by males they should be cognizant to realize that not everything will be spoon fed to them,,, yes they worked to get there,,, i am not saying they didn't,,, but unless you are ready to fully attack rap music which has been producing the same message now for over a decade get over it,,, that is the bigger issue for me anyway,,, now if NBC wants to drop Imus they must take the next step and spin off thier rap record label,,, "... now you know"

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