Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Belated Rundown...

It's exciting to see the Orioles winning again, and no matter it lasts or ends today, you can no doubt deny that the moves Andy MacPhail conducted in the off-season has paid dividends. With all the comebacks, promotions, the postivity and influence of Dave Trembley, likeable players and fans along with the town abuzz (the Roar from 34 came back for a night, but his been promimently used in Oriole videos at the park), Oriole baseball may be on it's way back.

Before I go further, the national press seems well surprised -- needless to say, by the Orioles (see Yahoo says).

However, with the Orioles at 42-40, some think that the team might want to focus for a playoff run rather and keep the team intact than continuing the rebuilding plan. In my honest opinion, that would be a bad idea. Like I said this week, Baltimore under the tutelage of MacPhail, must stay on course of rebuilding the organization.

Both Amber Theoharis & Allen McCallum of Pressbox believes like many fans think, although the Orioles are winning right now the focus cannot be taken off the task at hand -- rebuilding the team; as well, WNST's Drew Forrester is quick to give credit to Andy MacPhail for the Orioles' turnaround. Meanwhile, Nestor Aparicio chronicles the first year of both McPhail and manager, Dave Trembley.

Dave Trembley comments to the Examiner, "the first year has been a blur..."

With the big trades of Miguel Tejada (who was roasted by the crowd, despite he trying to put a positive face to his return) and Erik Bedard has been on high notice because of the Astros being in town and the carnage in Seattle, the Sun's Roch Kubatko finds it ironic that the O's have done so well, while the two aforementioned teams are being hit hard. Rick Mease wants us to grade Andy MacPhail so far; David Steele contrasts the firing of Sam Perlozzo this year versus what has happen with the Mets; and Dave Trembley has not changed his approach in light of the team's success.

Columnist Peter Schmuck notes that the Orioles do well best from behind, and obviously based on the results this year -- it's the case.

And yes, Andy MacPhail is looking more and more like a genius each and every day. However, Stan Charles of Pressbox wants BARRY BONDS (I really like Press Box, but the idea of Bonds coming to Baltimore may be good for the bottom line and tickets, but most fans would find the idea to be ornery); alas, also in his piece he notes that Oriole still don't have a shortstop and we should should give Cito Gaston a break for not having Mike Mussina on the mound in the '93 All Star Game.

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