Friday, July 25, 2008

The Rundown; B-Rob; 1983 World Series Reunion; Quick Hits...

I have not done in this while, but let's see what some of the media and other bloggers are saying about the Birds...

Ben of Oriole Central was able to get a major interview this week with Brian Roberts. Although he does not ask anything about the trade rumors, you do get a lot of out of him and he also mentions his bracelets that he has on sale for charity. Anyhow, our second baseman has a video blog on MASN Sports and in his latest post, he talks about his at-bat music, and the second half of the baseball season.

Wednesday night's game that got continued Thursday might have been a stinker; however, there was much to celebrate as the '83 World Series reunited for their 25th anniversary on the field before the game. Well, Amber Theoharis of MASN has nothing but love and high praise for the championship team; Ricke Dempsey talks about '83 in his video blog for MASN; Eddie Murray chats with Jim Hunter; Camden Chat has a neat photo gallery of the action that evening; Orioles Insider takes a look at the action from the game itself; and the Orioles Hangout site laments on losing two games in one day.

Meanwhile, WNST's Lonnie Nelson thinks the Birds botched the '83 Reunion. I'm not sure if I agree with him completely; however, walking the concourse during the game out of curiosity, he's in a way telling the truth. As well, Drew Forrester thinks the team didn't promote the event all that well, and Bob Haynie came away impressed with Mike Flanagan -- um, for one night away from his day job.

The Roar from 34 took time during the rain delay Wednesday night, to ... um ... go on Ebay in a search for some rare Oriole items; however, let me not make light of it, I hit Ebay perhaps once a week looking for crap I may or may not really need.

Heath of Dempsey's Army has an
analysis of homers hit so far by the Orioles; The Wayward has an interesting flow of chart of the Baltimore Orioles that we can all understand; Around the Harbor takes a look at Maryland sports; Walker got lit up in his Bowie rehab start; Camden Depot looks at our trade options; Tony Pente thinks the Adam Loewen move from being a pitcher to a hitter is a good one for everybody; Stan Charles of Pressbox has his thoughts on Dave Trembley and Ben O'Brien has a profile on Adam Jones.


Matthew Taylor said...

Thanks for the link. Just to clarify, my post was in jest; I didn't actually purchase fuzzy dice. Although that Sidney Ponson bobble head was tempting. (Again, joking.) Just thought it'd be fun to see what stuff people are peddling on eBay.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Don't worry, I look for stuff too -- (a lot of photo and electronics) in fact, I have bought an Oriole BP jersey and a old pennant online...

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