Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Deadline; Roundup

Well, at 4pm today -- the hyped MLB Trade Deadline will come and pass (ok, it's not really -- players can still pass through waivers and a deal could be consummated until late August), but it looks like the Orioles will sit on what they have -- for now.

There were some big moves, small ones, and a blockbuster or two, but in Charm City, all may be quiet, unless MacPhail gets something to work with at the last minute.

A lot of people hoped something would have happened, such Huff -- who is having a monster year -- traded for youngsters, and the same with Sherrill, Millar, Payton, Bradford, Walker, Ramon, and whomever else -- but it looks like the market isn't really biting on anyone.

The only Oriole who has even attracted a good amount of interest in the media was a Sherrill; however, it looks like MacPhail will not get what he wants for him and plus there's already a dearth of relievers -- especially left-handers out there. Surprisingly, not much has been heard on Huff -- who is currently batting .302 with 22 homers and 72 RBI's.

Perhaps a lot of the moves may be in the off-season, and a few guys are coming off the books after '08; thus, this team may look even much different than is now by Spring Training of next year.

Aside from all the trade talk, there's another pressing issue with the Orioles -- their pitching. From what we have seen in the past week, with the exception of Guthrie and some extent, Daniel Cabrera -- the pitching staff needs someone who can go deep into games. The pitching staff has been real rocky and it seems to be very seldom now that an Oriole hurler goes into the sixth inning -- which is especially troubling considering the amount of stress it puts on your bullpen.

Pete Kerzel of PressBox looks back at the 1983 World Series reunion
which was held at Camden Yards last week and also a rundown as to what is going down in the minors; Camden Chat has their thoughts on the latest trade rumors as does the Loss Column & Oriole Central, Roar 34 has news about what is going on around Oriole-land; Dempsey's Army takes a look at Aubrey's nice year; Tony Pente opines on the state of the Orioles.


For those of you who don't know, Roch Kubatko, former Sun writer and blogger has taken a job with MASN - the Mid Atlantic Sports Network. Although it is a little disheartening to see him have to leave the newspaper end of things, he'll still be doing Orioles and Ravens coverage for the RSN here. It looks like the Oriole coverage will become even that much better, and MASN made a good move by scooping him up.

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Chris said...

First time visitor. I've been unofficially rooting for the O's for awhile, though I'm a Giants fan at heart. (Yeah, they suck now.) Anyway, enjoyed the blog and I'll be back for more info on the O's.

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