Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sherrill Saves The Day: O's Beat Royals, 7-5

Since Sunday, a lot of Oriole fans have wanted George Sherrill's head on a stick, despite he having 26 saves going into action on Tuesday.

Why? Two blown saves. One against the Washington Nationals, the other against the Kansas City Royals, two teams the Orioles should have beaten soundly. However, that's how the game of baseball works -- most of the time you save 'em, sometimes you don't.

After hearing Sherrill's name dragged through hot coal on the 'net and talk shows the past two days, last night he got his 27th save.

Praise the lord! It was yet another close one, where he was shaky, but he got the job done.

Thanks Roch and James of Oriole Magic for bringing brevity to the situation and telling fans to calm down! We still really don't have a shortstop (Cintron, who has looked better in the field is on the DL now, Bynum is back), the starting pitching is still very shaky, but we're over .500, and winning; plus, fans went home happy to the campy spiritual "Oriole Magic" last night.

In another thrilling game, Sherrill got over hump and struck out Alex Gordon on guess what -- a breaking ball to help the Orioles seal a much-needed win over the Royals, 7-5. All is well in Birdland - at least until game time.

Baltimore's offense carried the team to a 6-1 advantage in the first half of the game, but the Royals kept chipping away at the lead. Radhames Liz looked shaky in the very first inning; however, he came back, looked solid, and went 6 solid innings where he was charged with three runs.

A welcome face came back -- Adam Loewen (Jamie Walker is on the DL, as is Albers) -- as he pitched two scoreless innings in relief. Well, he came into the game in the seventh inning and nearly got himself into a perilous situation, but a crucial double play and the Royals getting the ball to an Oriole fielder helped him out tremendously.

Adam Jones had two RBI, as well as Ramon Hernandez, and finally Brian Roberts hit his sixth home run to guide Baltimore to victory.


Yesterday, Brooks Robinson got an All-Time Gold Glove, and the celebration was held in -- York.
Not Baltimore. Honestly, do you think there is or there's not a rift between he and the Baltimore Orioles? I am going to say the former, but the classy Brooks Robinson says nothing of the sort.
From the Sun: Brooks Robinson, who played with the Orioles for 23 seasons, was presented with the Rawlings All-Time Gold Glove for third base in a pre-game ceremony before the Newark Bears played the York Revolution, the independent Atlantic League team that is partly owned by Robinson.
He said that since Major League Baseball was not part of the promotion, it was his decision to be honored 50 miles north of Baltimore, in York, where a street and baseball plaza are named after him and where a life-size statue of him greets Revolution fans outside two-year-old Sovereign Bank Stadium.

Robinson said he wasn't concerned about speculation that he chose York over Baltimore because of a perceived rift between him and Orioles owner Peter Angelos.

"It didn't bother me one way or the other, because there is speculation every day in the paper," Robinson said.

"There have been four or five articles, and people talk about it on the radio all the time. So it doesn't bother me one way or the other," he said.

He said he and Angelos have had meetings but haven't come to any specific business agreements.
If the team wants to make a lot of fans happy, they need to have him take an active part within the organization in some sort of shape or form -- plain and simple.

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Anonymous said...

Brandon Fahey at the plate...
the pitch .... there's a SCREAMING
double, that will score another run, and the crowd is chanting "FAHEY, FAHEY, FAHEY, FAHEY....
Thank goodness we now have a Shortstop that can make the plays in the field and can come up with a hit every now & then....


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