Monday, July 21, 2008

The Number Fifteen and Loewen

After an awesome win on Saturday night, 11-10, supplanted by Luke Scoot's walkoff; Daniel Cabrera looking awful, and Detroit's Nate Robertson even worse, the script turned out to be the same on Sunday -- yet another loss -- their 15th in a row. Sad to see, honestly.

Baltimore earned a split with Detroit in the four game set, but lost 5-1 on a blistering hot Sunday. Despite a potentially generous promotion, and the Orioles whipping out their batting practice jerseys to stem the losing, the Tigers got the best of Brian Burres as he wilted in the middle of portion of the game to take the loss. The bullpen was ineffective and they let the deficit grown in the latter innings.

Add poor base running, and Luke Scott's blunder in the second inning only illustrated the problems that they've encountered all season.

Meanwhile, Detroit's Verlander looked like a Cy Young candidate despite his record as he went 8 2/3 innings, only gave up three hits. He stymied the Orioles all day, and aside from a single run scored on him -- Baltimore had absolutely no chance on Sunday.

More...Well, in the past two weeks, I have seen why most picked the Orioles to finish where they did. Honestly, a .500 would be real nice, but if you look at the team at face value, we've got a lot of holes and players in two years who will not be a part of the equation. Aside from Jeremy Guthrie, Nick Markakis, Adam Jones, and perhaps a few other guys on the roster -- things are in so-so shape. While the offense has come together, the starting rotation (aside from our own 46) has been inconsistent, and at times not very good.

Although I have said my peace about the 2008 version of this squad -- which has no doubt been entertaining -- you've got to give Dave Trembley all the respect in the world for guiding the team as he has and fostering the idea that they can be in every game. As well, this man commands respect not only for his team, but for the game, and the fans who spend their hard earned money.

Andy MacPhail must give him an extension and build up this organization.

However, it's time to make some moves as I think we've seen enough. Most of us here are thinking about the future, so let's keep that going and not be so centered on the present.


You've got to feel for Adam Loewen, as he'll now try to start his baseball career over as a hitter in the Rick Ankiel mode; however, the tall righty who's got the spirit of a bulldog never really made much impact for me as a pitcher. He never got the opportunity to show his ability on a regular basis, as Loewen never been healthy; alas, he's got the physique and mindset to do well as a hitter, but it's all easier said than done.

Finally, if we're going to get a shortstop to perhaps make things tolerable for us, why did we have to sign a 36-year old?

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