Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rumble In The Bronx...

What game a last night in the Bronx. Well, watching Sherrill try to close out the game last night added some unwanted stress in my life short-term and sent my heart racing, but in the end, the Orioles beat the Yankees, 7-6.

Sherrill was not on last night in the ninth inning as he let the Yankees come back from a 7-4 deficit; however, he got a key strikeout with Robinson Cano and retired Wilson Betemit to end the game. Although Baltimore has struggled as of late, they are a on a roll already winning two straight against a previously hot New York squad.

Daniel Cabrera earned the win as he shut down the Yankees for seven innings and only gave up one run – an Alex Rodriguez homer. However, he was embroiled in a little bit of controversy as he was ejected from the game in the eighth inning due to plunking Alex Rodriguez.

Obviously, many O’s fans including myself found him being ejected to be more or less bulls**t, but it looks like Cabrera may have earned himself an unwanted reputation.

As well, if you consider the fact he was in Yankee Stadium and hit their superstar, one could surmise why it would all happen – however, Chad Fairchild, the home plate umpire – completely overreacted. Could he read Daniel’s mind? At least give him a warning…

Plunking someone with a five run lead? Especially from a pitcher with control issues? C’mon?

But that event gave the Yankees some momentum and perhaps sent the Orioles off track for a bit.

Thank the Lord for Aubrey’s homer in the ninth.

Boy, is he having a monster year – are we sure we want to get rid of him?

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