Saturday, July 19, 2008

O’s Snap Three Game Skid; Swapping With A Rival?

Detroit Tigers vs. Baltimore Orioles: July 19th, 2008

It was hot, but for fans who got out to Camden Yards last night, they got to see an amazing and well-needed win as the Orioles downed the Tigers, 7-4, last night.

Luke Scott, who had been slumping pretty badly hit two home runs led the way. As well, Melvin Mora added a two-run shot — which hit the top of the foul pole (something I’ve never seen) and Aubrey Huff’s solo shot — his 19th — gave the Orioles a large enough cushion to earn the win. The powerful Tiger offense got on the board early, but Jeremy Guthrie gutted through the evening and he got the offensive support he needed.

The win snapped a three-game losing streak.

George Sherrill earned his 29th save, and seems to have recovered after his extended stint in the All-Star Game on Tuesday.

A thought for today — we’ve all been talking about trade scenarios for the past two weeks or so, and would you be willing to trade someone like Sherrill to a division rival like the Red Sox or Rays in return for some premier young talent (knowing that a lot of teams need a closer)? I know it’s not common practice these days (at least for someone with the skillset of Sherrill); however, could this be something to be considered or is the answer no at all costs?

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susan mullen said...

Good young talent yes, but of course you'd prefer to do business with a team other than a division rival, no?
A durable late inning reliever who can go multi-innings might get you 150 prospects these days.

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