Friday, July 11, 2008

Jays Sweep O's; Pitching, Pitching & Pitching

Last night was painful, as the Orioles lost a game they should have won. It’s another loss, their fifth straight, and a blown save by George Sherrill. I figured this week was going to be a test for Baltimore, and alas, they have lost every game in the Blue Jays series by one run.

They lost 6-5, as the Jays won in the bottom of the ninth. Yet, another fabulous effort by Jeremy Guthrie went by the wayside as formerly-clutch Jim Johnson gave up three runs in the eighth inning and started the Toronto comeback. The bats were alive, but the once trusty bullpen is fading, or just going through a horrendous stretch. However, when you have little margin for error to begin with for matchups, every little mistake gets amplified.

Next is Boston on the docket, and they are playing some great baseball — evident by their sweep on the Minnesota Twins.

Things could get ugly unless the pitching really steps up.

Could Oriole Magic be done? Are they down and out for the count this season? After a bad week, is it finally time to consider moving pieces once and for all with about three weeks left before the trade deadline? And if we do move someone, who you would want in the lineup (Wieters is the obvious choice, but what about others)?

Aside of Guthrie and Cabrera (When he’s on), the pitching will have to go through some growing pains to improve (if it does).

Johnson has been overused, IMO — Sherrill, will go through ups and downs; however, it might do good to give him a few days off. The rest of the ‘pen aside from Sarfate/Bradford/Walker could use a little seasoning.

The Orioles were overplaying in the first half, and now I think they are starting to wilt. The offense looks fine, but the game is all about pitching and it’s faltering.

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