Saturday, July 5, 2008

O's Down Rangers, 10-4: What Do The O's Do?

The Orioles started the fireworks early as they downed the Rangers in a laugher, 10-4. Both Freddie Bynum, who played due to illness (Roberts battling the flu), and Brandon Fahey supplied much of offense on the 4th of July. Fahey had two doubles, and Bynum has three RBI's for the easy win. The offense jumped all over Vicente Padilla - a 10 game winner for Texas.

Jeremy Guthrie finally got the run support he needed to earn his fifth win as he went a little over six innings, and looked balanced in the victory.


There's been a lot of talk about the trade deadline and what the Orioles should do. I have been on record as saying that Andy MacPhail should continue the rebuilding process no matter what -- however, it does not mean that he should just trade guys to trade 'em.

For example, Aubrey Huff? His contract is relatively affordable, and he's now having a hell of a year at the plate? Do we trade him and his 17 homers, 53 RBIs? Who would we get for him? It's not like he's old -- he's only 31!

Roberts? He's the spark plug of the team and fan favorite -- who makes up his .368 OBP or his 22 stolen bases? Do we trade Walker and Millar, two men who perhaps unquestionably are the leaders of this team and perhaps have improved chemistry?

I trust MacPhail, and he's on the mark with most very deal so far. However, with all the chatter on talk radio and the 'net, the Orioles may be closer to improving than any of us thought in March.

Still, moves need to be made, we have an issue with shortstop (but Fahey is doing well in his limited playing time), and the team looks to playing their best baseball in a decade. Right now, the road is looking bright, but you don't trade guys just to trade them.

Like Dave Johnson said, "you can't get ride over everyone over 28, and have a team of twenty-year olds."

I like the team assembled, and fans are happy to see a winning product. I have no illusions of seeing playoff tickets printed, and in the end, if we have a strong August-September, there's a buzz that will be created for Orioles baseball that has not been seen in a long time.

There's one thing we know, Bedard and Tejada are not missed.

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