Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bad Baseball Doom the O's

K.C. Royals vs. Baltimore Orioles; July 3rd, 2008

Last night was painful to watch, real painful as the Orioles blew a game that they should not have, 10-7.

We have the free-swinging Rangers on the docket this 4th of July weekend, but first, last night started off so well and then became an unadulterated train wreck.

Garrett Olson started off well, and the Orioles pounced the Royals for seven runs — including two long balls by Aubrey Huff — however, in the sixth inning, Olson would wilt and the game would be turned over to the bullpen.

Adam Loewen did not look good at all, but the meltdown was not all his fault as Kevin Millar committed a critical error that opened up the flood gates, and down — the Orioles never got back up. Chad Bradford came in and the K.C. hit parade continued.

When all was said and done, the Royals would put seven runs in the sixth inning, and their bullpen shit us down.

Baltimore just needs to shake off this loss, and start the weekend off strong. If the Orioles can go into next Monday with a .500 or better record, this season so far will have been above and beyond anyone’s expectations.

Two questions for you all. One, do we continue trotting Adam Loewen out there, considering the absence of Albers — or should he work himself out in the minors? Two, if you’re Andy MacPhail, what changes do you make in the second half (for example: Do we keep or trade Huff and do we really need David Eckstein)?

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Anonymous said...

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