Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stupid Is As Stupid Does: The Unwritten Rules of Baseball Makes Its Grand Appearance In the 13-3 Loss to the Yankees...

For some of you who have read this blog for a while, you know how I feel about the unwritten rules of baseball.

If you're just getting an introduction to this blog, or don't know my stance -- I think the rules are stupid -- no matter how anyone tries to justify it to me.

In the New York papers this morning -- Joe Girardi, whom I have found to be a tad overrated as manager despite the wonderful job he did in Florida -- felt that Daniel Cabrera in yesterday's game nailed Alex Rodriguez on purpose. Why Girardi felt this way, despite 99.5% people thinking otherwise -- I don't know -- however, he felt that the Yankees needed some retribution against the Orioles for seeing their precious superstar plunked.

In an otherwise forgetful game in which Dennis Sarfate
, in his first major start got rocked and Brian Burres -- who came in the game as a reliever -- looked even worse, what I will remember from this game is Joe Girardi's lack of judgment. I completely missed this game at work, but got to see it on tonight, and I have decided that Girardi is now an idiot former jock.

He sent Edwar Ramirez out on the mount in the sixth inning -- or the hurler took it upon himself -- to engage in some chin music. In the top of the seventh inning, Ramirez threw a pitch towards Kevin Millar's head, and the Oriole first baseman was lucky to get out of the way by ducking.

Ramirez got ejected from the game. Why anyone would throw at Millar, I have no clue -- however, he owns the Yankees at the plate -- so that might have a been a factor. Lest we not forget, the recently deposed Yankee Latroy Hawkins nearly beaned Luke Scott in a game earlier this season.

Otherwise than that Bobby Abreu spanked us, A-Rod homered again, and the Orioles looked flat after an exhilarating win against the Bombers on Tuesday night.

At least we took two out of three, but a sweep would have been nice.

We head to the Emerald City next for a weekend set against the Mariners.

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I am so wise said...

If someone is intentionally headhunting, then yeah, I can see tossing at one of their players to send a message, particularly if the umps are ignoring it (the intentional head hunting).

Tossing at people for showing you up, stealing bases with a large lead, or other stat inflating actions is just wrong.

Matthew Taylor said...

Agreed. The unwritten rules of baseball are inconsistent and irrational.

Somehow headhunting is less of an issue when it's a pinstriped player doing the tossing. To this day I'm baffled that Armando Benitez was crucified for tossing too high, yet that's twice this season that Yankee players have thrown at the head of an O's player without remorse or apology, just excuses.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Wise -- in the end, someone is going to get hurt. I'm surprised it's not happened yet. If you're going to hit someone, aim for their ass, or the meaty of the leg -- not their head.

That's where I draw the line with this. Just because you want to prove a point does not mean putting someone's career and life at risk.

Matt: I certainly agree with you. Joba Chamberlain (a pitcher with superior control than Cabrera) has a history of this with Kevin Youkilis -- twice -- however, he certainly doesn't get the same treatment as Daniel.

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