Thursday, July 31, 2008

Impartiality Does Not Exist; Manny Departs Out Of Red Sox Nation

It looks like MLB has laid down the law for the near-beanball activity at Yankee Stadium and it's not good for the Orioles. Fair, or not fair, Daniel's lack control and emotion may seem to have caught with him.

It doesn't matter who you are -- if you're a repeat offender, whether throwing at someone was intentional or not -- you're going to most likely suffer. As with anything in life, once you have a reputation, it's very hard to shake it.

Cabrera was suspended six games and fined an undisclosed amount for what vice president of on-field operations Bob Watson referred to in a press release as "intentionally throwing a pitch in the head area" of Rodriguez.

Yankees reliever Edwar Ramirez was suspended three games and also fined an undisclosed amount for committing the same offense one day later, throwing at Orioles first baseman Kevin Millar in the seventh inning at Yankee Stadium -- a pitch deemed to be in retaliation for Rodriguez's plunking one night earlier. The Yankees reliever appealed the suspension, putting the punishment on hold until his case can be heard.
Obviously he will appeal, but this punishment was unfair and it's clear to anyone that Cabrera's lack of control is got what Alex Rodriguez plunked, not malice.

I guess Ramirez got lucky for the same crime -- oh, I guess he's never been in trouble before.


It's too bad it took a ton of drama and Manny Ramirez to earn a one-way ticket out of Boston this evening. Needless to say it was surprising; however, when you make $20 million per year, attacking your bosses (there may be two sides to this story) isn't exactly smart, especially with an ownership group like the Red Sox.

Now, I think the Red Sox allowed this behavior to escalate way too far due to letting Manny get away with a litany of misdeeds and stupid behavior in the past for the sake of "W's" and two titles; alas, the slugger needs to learn you don't piss off the people signing your checks.

Fans might have found his routine cute, but I sure didn't. Despite it all, I'll seeing him in the AL East, but I'm sure there are some relieved to see him gone from Boston.


And as Thursday afternoon has come and gone, all was quiet on the Orioles front. Good or bad? It would have been nice to see one move, but I guess it is what is.

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