Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A New York State of Mind

Greetings everyone, I'm here in balmy New York for the All Star Game. Ah, what a night on Monday at the Home Run Derby where Josh Hamilton literally brought the house down in more ways than one.

Hamilton, has pretty much become the media darling this season and after last night, it can be assumed his legend will only grow. He broke a record -- which was held by Bobby Abreu since '05 -- by hitting 28 homers in the first round; however, he lost to Minnesota's Justin Morneau in the final round.

Although some people may love Hamilton's story, or find fault him that he wasted several years in an abyss of drugs and self-destruction, it's no doubt amazing the transformation he's made and using his god-given talent to play the game. If there's anything Hamilton can do being in his unique position -- he can be inspiration to those to make a difference.

It should go without saying for the most part, the House that Ruth Built is certainly less-than-a-desirable ballpark these days (I paid a good bit for a ripped seat); however, as any baseball fan knows, that place is one where the spirits of the past -- Ruth, DiMaggio, Mantle, Maris, Gerhrig roam -- made themselves into legends and a piece of the American sporting landscape.

They'll be moving into a monstrosity next door -- a billion dollar masterpiece -- alas, the old Yankee Stadium is a place in sports history that cannot be understated in any shape or form.

I'll have pictures up in a bit of everything from yesterday; however, it is scaled back from last year because, frankly, I drove up here on Monday morning, visited some old friends, and was worn out. I didn't do the Sunday stuff, nor see the Fan Fest.

This year, the photos will be on the Derby and All-Star game itself.


Anonymous said...

What do you get ????
6-Month's VACATION a year ????

Pug .....

Deaner said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures.

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