Thursday, April 5, 2007

This and That: The O's so far...

Right now, we are 0-3, and I think we are all ready to go crazy because of the 9 losing seasons. At the moment, this stretch of the season is going to brutal. We have Tigers in the Yard next week, then the Royals and Tampa Bay.

However, thereafter, waters get choppy with the Blue Jays, the A's, the Red Sox, the Indians and the Tigers again.

Could we go 0-6 before next week? Maybe.

I hope we can take one game against the Yankees and maybe one or two against the Tigers.

In light of everything, the Orioles have played poor to bad baseball, and the pitching (aside from Cabrera) has been subpar, and Wright was terrible. Let's give things another two weeks before we determine if we stink or not.

However, the Orioles have played bad fundamental baseball, and the offense seems to be trying to do too much at the plate. Besides the contribution of Huff and Tejada, no one else has done much at all.

The team looks woefully bad right now.

The Ramon injury is hurting us more than I ever envisioned...

Right now, I am going to see the sunny side of things and hope for the best.

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