Wednesday, May 21, 2008

About Last Night: Has D-Cab Turned the Corner & LaTroy Hawkins

Well, we all know how the Orioles did last night -- very splendid! There's not much need to regurgitate what happened up in the Bronx, but there are a few questions I have in mind.

One is Daniel Cabrera for real? I think he may have finally turned the corner after many years of struggles and unfulfilled promise.

However, two good months does not underscore four years worth of mediocrity.

Two, is Adam Jones finally starting to pick it up after a four-hit night?

Three, is LaTroy Hawkins insane? The at-bat against Luke Scott was bush-league in apparent retaliation to Derek Jeter being hit by a fastball Daniel Cabrera was trying to throw inside. Sorry, it's one thing to throw at someone, it's quite another to aim for the head. Well, he might have been upset during the so-called "heat of the moment"; however, you just do not do that.

I never liked some of the "unwritten rules" of baseball, but aiming for someone's head is crossing the line.


Matthew Taylor said...

I'm preparing to throw the "cautious" out of my cautiously optimistic feeling about this team. Cabrera's strung together enough good starts to believe that he's going to put together a quality season overall. And Jones was already gathering a collection of three-hit games prior to last night's four-hit breakout. What a change of fortunes to see a frustrated pitcher from the Bronx Bumblers, rather than the O's, tossing one up high.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

I agree Matt. I think he's definitely matured, but his track record does not show he can keep this up.

However, he's done his part in more ways than one to help the Orioles win.

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