Monday, May 5, 2008

Could He Just Go Away?

If you want someone who seemingly has lied to baseball fans about who he is all these years, look no further to this guy -- now, here's his latest mea culpa...

From the AP:HOUSTON - In his first comments since the New York Daily News linked him to a series of extramarital affairs last week, Roger Clemens apologized to his family and friends.

In a statement issued Sunday to the Houston Chronicle, the former pitching star admitted making "mistakes" in his life but continued to deny any use of steroids or human growth hormone.

"I know that many people want to know what I have to say about the recent articles in the media," Clemens said in the statement. "Even though these articles contain many false accusations and mistakes, I need to say that I have made mistakes in my personal life for which I am sorry. I have apologized to my family and apologize to my fans. Like everyone, I have flaws. I have sometimes made choices which have not been right."

Clemens did not confirm any personal relationships in the statement but did address the Daily News report that accused him of beginning a decade-long affair with country singer Mindy McCready when she was just 15 years old.

"Now, I have been accused of having an improper relationship with a 15-year- old girl," Clemens said in the statement. "Nothing could be further from the truth. This relationship has been twisted and distorted far beyond reality. It is just one of many, many accusations that are utterly false."

The Daily News quoted McCready last week as saying she "cannot refute anything in the story" about her relationship with Clemens.

Meantime, Clemens continued to deny the use of performance enhancing drugs.

"I believe my personal life has nothing to do with the accusations of steroid and HGH use," he said. "I have already made clear that I did not use them."

That's wonderful. We know you're a creep -- now just go away.

If were his lawyer, that's what I'd tell him to do...

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