Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Idiot File: ESPN's Obviously Biased Coverage; The Manny Ramirez Tagline & Dissing the O's...

Well, one should never count on "The Worldwide Sports Leader" for fair and balanced coverage (sorry, Fox News) unless you play in Boston, New York or Chicago if you're into baseball.

Look at the highlighted portion of the graphic. Do we have a problem here? If I remember correctly, didn't the O's win yesterday? Didn't Jay Payton hit the game-winning grand-slam? I would say Manny Ramirez didn't exactly steal the thunder of the Baltimore Orioles.

It's nice and wonderful that the Red Sox and Yankees drive ratings to your network and page-views to your website; however, wouldn't it be nice to perhaps show a little accuracy?

Anyone who watched SportsCenter last night knows that the mercurial, goofy left-fielder made an excellent catch, but can't ESPN give the Orioles credit for, um, winning the game?


pat said...

actually, they have it backwards. After that catch the momentum was going for the Sox. It was Paytons Grand Slam that stole the Red Sox' thunder.

It is a bit insulting though. But what can we expect from ESPN?

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Right, Pat -- but it's just blatant & just asinine. If you had read the tagline not knowing the outcome of the game, would have assumed Manny had a big game and the Red Sox won.

I know ESPN loves the Sox and Yankees, but to have a headline that goes against what really happened???

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