Thursday, May 15, 2008

O's Sweep Sox; The Rundown...

For the past several years, the Baltimore Orioles have been worse than a laughing stock -- they have been disrespected, spat upon and treated well, like dirt. However, things might be changing and for the better.

Yesterday, the Orioles had a dramatic come-from-behind victory as they beat the Boston Red Sox, 6-3, yesterday afternoon as Daniel Cabrera won his his fourth game and George Sherill earned his 15th save.

We had a new hero of the day — the always intense Jay Payton. We have swept the Boston Red Sox, or as I call them the Evil Empire 1A. The Orioles of last year would have given up in the 6th inning or had no clue as to how to defeat Boston, but this year's team is different.

I got home around the sixth inning and once I saw Lester weaken & the Boston bullpen come into the game, the Orioles had a chance to come back.

The Payton homer was incredible and I literally jumped up for joy — something I have not done during an Oriole game for a long time.

It’s been good to see more orange and black at the Yard and the fans get into it again. We more than likely will finish under .500 and the roster won’t be the same in August, but it’s been real fun so far.

Finally, this team is likable and is starting to connect with fans and it’s something that’s been missing for a long time.

They're actually likable, gritty and they have heart.

Danny Boy was good and he didn’t walk anyone AGAIN!

Well, let's hope the winning continues, it's been a fun ride so long. So for long, the Baltimore Orioles were just plain unwatchable, but now watching Baltimore baseball has become fun again.

Baltimore now has a confident team, and one that has been in pretty much every game now.

Although it is more likely than not that the Orioles may not continue their hot play, we've got to give them props and the Sun's Peter Schmuck is tipping his cap to them. MASN Sports has more on the victory yesterday afternoon, as does the Baltimore Examiner;

The Oriole brass is ranting and raving about Chris Tillman at Bowie; meanwhile, Jim Hoey is out for the season; Ramon Hernandez and Melvin Mora are still hurting; Amber Theoharis thinks the Orioles are lacking at the shortstop position and she's right, it's a spot that lacks any real punch (believe or not, can you imagine the team with Miguel Tejada right now??? I can't).

Finally, it looks like the Washington Nationals may be focusing their marketing efforts in Baltimore -- take a look at what the team is planning to do this morning (perhaps they are trying to build up the rivalry between the two cities)...

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