Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Still Unemployable: Barry Bonds


Ah, Barry Bonds. The Orioles and several other teams could use him; however, despite his abilities and numbers from 2007, I say this -- he may not find a job anytime soon.

I figured that he'd sign on with someone before the season; alas, it is anything but the case.

Now, the union is trying to look into why he's not been offered a job.

Good luck.

From the AP: The Major League Baseball Players Association has expressed concern to the commissioner's office over the lack of offers to Barry Bonds, asking for additional information about the offseason's free-agent market.

The union did not go as far as to file a grievance on behalf of the outfielder, 43, who remains unsigned and hasn't received any offers since the San Francisco Giants decided not to re-sign him last year and he became a free agent.

"We've raised both general concerns and some player specific concerns," Michael Weiner, the union's general counsel, said yesterday.

Weiner said the only player the union specifically brought up in its discussions with the commissioner's office was Bonds, who has repeatedly said he wants to play a 23rd major league season.

"I haven't received any offers on Barry since he became a free agent," said Bonds' agent, Jeff Borris.

Management has repeatedly said there has been no concerted effort against Bonds.

Unless he’s found religion in the past few months basically being blackballed from the game due his problems and reputation (yes, I said it), he’s not worth the gamble for a few wins.

I'd like to see Barry find a job, but I also think this whole issue with him is a referendum on his personality, his legal issues and more importantly -- how he's treated people in the past.

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