Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Some Fighting At The Yard...

An unintended consequence of having an Red Sox-Oriole series where both teams are competitive is the jostling and yelling back and of drunken hooligans trying to show some bravado or be loyal to their team.

As if the players on the team care what happens 400 feet away from the action.

I caught this last night during the Oriole game as a Red Sox fan, high fiving his buddies and other fellow Boston fans tussled with some Baltimore fans in the upper left field seats.

I'm all about having fun, some trash talk and there, and rooting for whomever; however, some people forget baseball is just a game and entertainment, not much more than that as fan.

Apparently, some people have not figured that out or take their sports way too seriously.

Most of the time it's the alcohol talking and idiots like you see in the picture ruin it for everyone --- well, until they are thrown out of the stadium, or arrested.

Remember, folks it's just a game which will be meaningless the next morning in the grand scheme of life.

Just have fun and enjoy it.

1 comment:

pat said...

so thats what happened!!

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