Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Are The Orioles Who We Thought They Were?

Another game on the West Coast, another loss. I have my hands up in the air after another loss -- this time in extra innings; however, just like others -- close game, the Orioles struggle to come back and then lose in the end.

What's to say? The one thing we thought would be the problem isn't the problem (the pitching) -- it's the bleeping offense.

I said in the beginning of the year, I'd be happy to see the team improving, in a way it has with the competitive ball games and an effective relief/starting corps.

But again the bleeping offense is making me wonder if the Orioles are who we thought they were.

Now Roberts won't hit in the .250-260's (at least we hope), and Nick Markakis is far better than what he's showing right now. Huff (he's doing ok, but I still really don't care for the guy) is hitting in the .280's, Scott is struggling.

But everyone else? What in the world.

Um, I have a news flash -- the offense was going to be a problem with a lack of protection, and it's showing to be the case. As hot as Luke Scott was the first three weeks of the season, the lineup is really starting to show it's weak links without Tejada.

If the Orioles hit marginally better in the next few weeks, then we can hover around .500; however, as I see it, we are really seeing the true Baltimore Orioles at least on the offensive front.

Kids, the Luis Hernandez experiment needs to come to it's bitter end. Time to bring in Bynum -- if he does not work, bring in Cintron. Give Trachsel a few starts out of respect, but if he cannot improve, summon him to the pen or tell him to resume his career somewhere else.

I like what MacPhail has done so far and I see the forest from the trees; however, if I were a manager (this is the fan speaking in me), I'd love to put a few W's in the win column.


Jergs said...

It really makes me wonder what people thought they were then. They have still exceeded expectations. Roberts and Markakis will hit better when it's all said and done. "The Golden Greek" had 3 hits today. But, any team with Millar in the 4 spot, what do you expect? Huff is playing over his head. Scott should end up .270.
This team needs a power guy in the lineup. They have none.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Well, a few people thought by some magic miracle, the O's might leap over their weaknesses and become a .500 team, but if they cannot hit, they can't do much of anything no matter how good the pitching is.

Yes, this team needs a plus bat or two in the lineup. That point is crucial.

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