Friday, May 2, 2008

MLB 08: The Show - A Review

Last month, Sony sent me a free copy of “MLB 08: The Show” to review. Due to commitments and work I did not have time to play until recently. I borrowed my little brother's Playstation 3 for a few weeks, so I got the game especially for that platform.

Over the past few years, I have had a major attachment to MVP Baseball 2005, which I consider perhaps my favorite video baseball game of all time.

However, “MLB 08: The Show”, might have kicked MVP Baseball 2005 off the perch.

There are so many features in this game, I have no idea where to begin, but if you’re a serious baseball nerd like me, you could not do any better.

First off, everything is so life-like. You feel like you’re actually in the game and part of the action – well, as far as a video game could possibly let you. Granted, the features in the game will get someone like, who has not played video games in a while a bit of getting used to; however, for the veteran, they should be able to play with some ease after some time.

The various parks looks very close to reality, the colors are vivid, and the players are nothing short of real – some gritty, some with the characteristic features you know them by, for example, David Ortiz, and the action is nothing but superb. I love the commentary that comes with the action during the game – so much that I’d rather play this at times than watch a run-of-the-mill boring TV broadcast.

Heck, I had one of the announcers tell me when I threw a wild pitch or made an error.

My favorite portion of the game was the “Road to the Show” feature where you can create a player and basically create a scenario where he’s a draftee to seeing him develop into a tangible major leaguer. It took me a couple of tries to make any progress, but I did get there.

As well, you can also participate online with various people to create a team – yes, a team of 25-30 guys and as well, there are forums, boards and a website you can be a part of where you can interact with other gamers and fans.

Moreover, for someone like me, who kind of likes the nuts and bolts of the game, you can break down so many aspects of the game from managing to break down a players swing to yes, finances.

In closing, I have never played any other renditions of this game, but I was blown away and I guess the only downside is that it took me about a week and half to figure it out.

Now, “MLB 08: The Show”, may not be for casual fans, but for any baseball fan that loves the sport and video games, this is for you.

I fell in love with it and it looks nothing short of bad-ass on my new LCD TV.

And yes, my beloved Baltimore Orioles didn’t play too hot in this game. Then again, reality is a bit different – for now.

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