Monday, May 5, 2008

Ozzie Guillen: Baseball Manager, Sociologist & Someone Who Should Really Watch His Mouth

I really like Ozzie Guillen as a manager and as a colorful personality, although I did not care for the man personally during my encounter with him.

Know for running his mouth and being more than candid, he's done it again and has now reached out to a another segment of people for criticism -- the fans of Chicago.

Ah, here's his latest:

From the AP: TORONTO - White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen had his own Lee Elia moment, letting forth a stream of obscenities in which he accused Chicago fans of turning on the struggling team after a strong start.

During his rant before Sunday's game against Toronto, Guillen said the White Sox are not sufficiently appreciated in their city despite winning the 2005 World Series.

"That's what ticks me off about Chicago fans and Chicago media, they forget pretty quickly," Guillen said, punctuating his outburst with a healthy dose of vulgarities.

He bemoaned the fact that the Cubs are considered the "best" in Chicago even though they haven't won a World Series since 1908, dropping F-bombs along the way. He fears his team will never get respect "no matter how many World Series we win."

Guillen also mocked the 25th anniversary of the rant by Elia, the former Cubs manager. Guillen predicted his own tirades will one day be equally legendary, and maybe lucrative.

"How many times do I curse people out? I will make a lot of money. ... I have to keep going because in the future Ozzie will need money," he said.

The White Sox, who lost 4-3 Sunday, have dropped eight of 11 and fallen out of first place in the American League Central. At 14-15, the White Sox are below .500 for the first time since they started the season 1-2.

"People are panicking," Guillen said. "Did we play a real bad week? Yes, we did. We stunk. But it wasn't too long ago that we were the biggest surprise in baseball. Wow, look at the White Sox."

The man may be right to some extent; however, the fans will like who they want, and most of the time the play on the field will take care of it. I agree with the fact that the White Sox have played second fiddle to the Cubs for a very long time, but Guillen needs to act with some decorum and professionalism.

As a MLB manager, Ozzie needs to be above all of the garbage that spews out of his mouth at times.

I'm almost beginning to think, if he gets fired from his job, it won't be because of the play on the field -- it will be because of his mouth.


SoxAddict said...

He's an asshole, hands down.

JimA said...

He's an asshole because he says what's true? He's right; the Sox will get some respect, some support, but they will never get the kind of love the Cubs get in Chicago. How many years have we heard about the almost religious ferver of people going on about Wrigley Field in the daytime? What do we hear about the Other place? Stories about reporters getting beaten up outside the park after games, about how boring the place is, how it was built just before Camden Yards and cannot compete with the new parks, that sitting in the upper deck is like watching a game from Indiana. the Cubs are the team with Sammy Sosa, Kerry Wood, Mark Grace, Ernie Banks and all the other colorful players spurred on by Harry Carey, while the Sox had Harold Banes, Frank Thomas, Albert Belle and Bill Melton and all the other dull or anti-social players. Even now you have columnists who take vicious shots at the only owner in town to have brought multiple championships to Chicago and to his manager.

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