Monday, May 26, 2008

Reality; Do We Jump Off The Cliff Now?

After an amazing start to the first two months of the season, the Orioles have lost five straight and are now 24-25. Two weeks ago, a lot of people were smitten by Baltimore as they beat the Red Sox and took two of three from the Nationals; however, reality might have suddenly as the New York Yankee took two of three from the Orioles & the surging Rays swept the Birds.

What can we say, are the Orioles who we thought they were? Aside from the excellent starting and relief corps (aside from Steve Trachsel), the offense was going to be a big problem.

Now the problem is downright awful. Despite a tight game yesterday that Tampa won with Evan Longoria's walkoff double, there is not an Oriole regular north of .260.

And you wonder why Baltimore has lost five straight. Nick Markakis is in a deep slump, and seems to be chasing everything, Roberts is trying to get into a groove, and everyone else seemingly cannot buy a hit. Most fans knew the offense would be an issue, but could it be this bad?

I honestly think things will go up, but we have a tough week with the Yankees starting this morning, and the Red Sox this weekend. At this point, I'd not be shocked if we ended up 4,5 games under .500 when all is said and done after Monday.

Alas, a problem that many knew would exist with the batting lineup has come to the surface.

Then comes Minnesota and the improving Toronto squad -- especially on the pitching front.

It may be a rough two weeks, and the offense needs to get together.

Despite the struggles, there are some positives on the squad, mainly James Johnson, who seems to be the go to guy in each and every situation, George Sherill in light of his loss yesterday has had amazing season, and Jeremy Guthrie has proven to be quite the solid pitcher if you glance away at the record.

The Orioles have a lot of pieces to build on for the future, but right now it's about investing for the future and finding a core. Anyone who expects this team to contend for anything else besides pride is mistaken; however, the teams is further ahead than anyone thought they'd ever be.

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